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  • Send your applicant a web link from within our system, your applicant receives an application to complete online, electronically sign, and enter identifying information;
  • In the link received by your applicant is: FCRA mandated legal disclosures, and authorizations that protect you from unauthorized use;
  • Your report is completed and available for pick-up at the moment it’s submitted to our system by your applicant;
  • You receive an email confirmation when the report is complete notifying you to log on to our system and pick up the report.

Advantages of QuickApp

  • Speed, reduction of errors, cost effective;
  • Eliminates duplicate order-entry;
  • Minimize your liability and exposure to identity theft and charges of age discrimination suits because you are “outsourcing” the collection of sensitive personal identifiers (including DOB and SSN);
  • Free reports by requiring your applicant to pay for their background checks with a credit card at the time of order;
  • Electronic signatures;
  • Prepopulated Adverse Action tenant denial letters that can be faxed or e-mailed.

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