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QuickApp Pro
(no additional cost)

Our newest feature is QuickAppPro which uses a link that you can place on your web site, by email or any online ad; thereby eliminating the need for you to log into our system to send a web link to your applicant (as required in QuickApp).

Includes all the features of QuickApp plus the following:

  • Configure the application according to your desires;
  • Can choose from our default disclosure forms or add your own;
  • Include specific documents, (e.g. tax forms, employment letters, etc.) with the application form.

Advantages of QuickApp Pro

  • Customized application process and forms;
  • Can be used on any mobile device (e.g. smartphones and tablets);
  • Automatic email notifications that provide real-time status of each applicant’s status throughout the screening process;
  • Prepopulated Adverse Action tenant denial letters that can be faxed or e-mailed.

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