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• Send your applicant a web link from within our system, your applicant receives an application to complete online, electronically sign, and enter identifying information.

• In the link received by your applicant is: FCRA mandated legal disclosures, and authorizations that protect you from unauthorized use. read more

Our newest feature is QuickAppPro which uses a link that you can place on your web site , by email or any online ad; thereby eliminating the need for you to log into our system to send a web link to your applicant (as required in Quickapp described above). read more

Quicklease Pro offers you the latest in property management technology with its easily-configurable and user-friendly applicant tracking system software. Here are a few of the most important tools we’ll put in your hands: read more

Creditfacts is currently integrated with the following Property software platforms. read more

If you’re using a different platform not listed below please do not hesitate to contact us at 212-481-6502 or email

You manually enter your candidate’s information to order background reports.

This is the most labor intensive method of ordering reports. Additionally, you’ll need to maintain paper copies of your candidates signed consent form for up to 5 years or upload them to our website after you enter the required data.

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