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Trans Union Employment Credit ReportInstant$15.00
Social Security # Verification + Address TraceInstant$5.00
Motor Vehicle RecordsInstant$15–$50
Global Homeland Security Name SearchInstant$5.00
National Criminal Index + Sexual Offender SearchInstant$20.00
FACIS (sanction histories on individuals in the healthcare Industry)Instant$5.00
County Criminal Records Search24–72 Hours$30.00
Statewide Criminal Check24–72 Hours$50–$80
Employment Reference / Verification24–72 Hours$10.00
Federal Criminal Records24–72 Hours$20.00
Education Verification24–72 Hours$20.00
Professional License Verification24–72 Hours$10.00
5 Panel Drug Screening24–72 HoursCall
10 panel Drug Screening24–72 HoursCall

The Trans Union employment check is powerful background check for your company providing valuable insight into your job applicant's financial behavior and personal responsibility. the report helps you determine how fiscally responsible your candidates have been. The report shows loan and credit card payment history, credit inquiries, public records including bankruptcies, liens and judgments, child support obligations, and much more. As per the (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance (FCRA), account numbers and date of birth information are suppressed on the report. The report does not come with a Fico scoring model as this would not be in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Social Security # Trace: is a vital first step in conducting a background check. The SSN trace verifies your candidate's Social Security # (SSN), past and present addresses and possible aliases or maiden names used. The SSN Trace shows whether the social security number (SSN) is valid, state of issue, and is actually registered to your candidate. The Social Security Trace reveals your candidate's documented residence history and tells you where to search for criminal records.

It is recommended to run a Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) search on applicants who would be in a position driving a company provided vehicle, chauffeuring, entertaining clients, driving on company time, or operating machinery. Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) offer driving history information regarding insurance lapses, license suspensions, revocations, accidents, traffic violations, and unpaid, or unanswered summons. Additionally, certain state convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not listed on criminal court records,heightening the importance of a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check.MVRs report state driving records, including Commercial Driver’s License status (CDL) for at least 3 years, often times up to 7 years.

A Global Homeland Security Search helps your company with Patriot Act Compliance and OFAC Compliance. A Global Homeland Security Search provides an anti-terrorism element to a Background Check. A Global Homeland Security Search checks a compilation of domestic and international sanctions lists (see below). Individuals or organizations included on these lists may be involved in terrorist activities, money laundering, illegal imports, fraud against government agencies, violations of federal banking regulations, drug trafficking, etc. This search was developed as a response to The Patriot Act and the War on Terror.

Is a powerful criminal search to augment any applicant screening reports. By searching over 200 million records covering all 50 States including the District of Columbia, this robust search contains criminal records from statewide repositories and archives, department of corrections, local county information, traffic violations and infractions, and administration of courts records. This database search also includes the nationwide registered sex offender search.

The Fraud and Abuse Control Information System (FACIS) screens the sanction history of individuals and entities in the healthcare industry. It includes information on more than 50 types of healthcare professionals ranging from physicians to home health agencies and ambulatory services. FACIS includes information on a wide range of disciplinary actions from debarments to letters of reprimand. This is a commercial database product and is updated twice per month. While this search exceeds minimum federal requirements, it offers full coverage for a high-level risk management policy. The Level 3 Search that we offers searches over 800 sources from 50 states plus the follwing: General Services Administration (GSA) Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) TriCare Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Other state and federal agencies

County criminal records are retrieved by hand by experienced court researchers nationwide. The county criminal records search reports felony and misdemeanor convictions, and searches go back at least 7 years per FCRA regulations. This is the most accurate way to conduct a background check for criminal records.

Our background specialists will work with you to determine if a particular state repository is a good choice for your searches. When it is a good match for your needs, a repository search can frequently provide a cost effective way to cover the entire state. In some states, counties submit criminal data to a state repository. The data submitted varies by state – some states collect all data from all counties, while other states may only collect arrest or felony data. In addition, some counties may not provide data to the state, mainly due to lack of computer automation.

Our experienced researchers will verify previous employment supplied by an applicant including dates of employment, position, performance, reason for departure, rehire status and other general comments as available. As an additional services, our researcher will provide you the contact history for your review. We also search the phone number at no cost. When an applicant is self employed we verify work status and salary with their Accountant.

Federal criminal record search uncovers case information from one of the 94 Federal District Courts nationwide. We recommend searching on the federal level because it may reveal cases involving:
White-Collar Crimes • Fraud • Embezzlement • Tax Evasion • Capital Punishment • Robbery • Kidnapping • Illegal Sale of Arms • Drug Dealers

One of the most frequently falsified portions of a resume is the candidate’s educational history. From phony graduation claims to diploma mills. Creditfacts can obtain confirmation of any secondary, post-secondary, or graduate level education.
Education Verifications include:
Attendance dates • Graduation status • Degree earned • Major/courses of study • Graduation date

This search will provide verification of professional license(s) claimed by the applicant. Information verified can consist of license type, date of issuance, expiration date, current standing, and any restrictions on the license. Disciplinary actions or suspensions may be disclosed based on availability from the licensing authority.

Planning and implementing a drug screening program is easy with Creditfacts. Our online paperless system handles the scheduling of tests between job candidates and clinics.
Leave the details to us. We take care of:
• Setting up appointments with clinics in proximity to the applicant’s ZIP code
• On-line scheduling using our paperless electronic chain of custody forms
• Reviewing results with a Medical Review Officer (MRO)
• Posting results to your on-line account for review
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